Studiebarometeret for higher education students is now updated with results from 2023

How to use

The portal contains results from the national student survey and the national teacher survey. NB! The teacher survey was conducted as a pilot in 2016, on a limited range of educational fields. In 2017, it will be conducted completed for the first time in full scale.

The Student Survey

On the main page, you can find information about the study programmes you are interested in in three different ways:

  • via a direct search using the name or part of the name of the programme
  • by choosing one of the eight subject areas (with graphic symbols) or one of the sub-groups of subjects
  • by choosing an institution and then a subject area and/or subject group

The search results page will display an overview of all study programmes that meet your search criteria. You can limit the study programmes displayed on the search results page using the menu options on the left-hand side of the page.

Information about individual study programmes is accessed by clicking on the name of a programme in the list on the search results page. If a sufficient number of students in the programme have responded to the survey, results for the indexes will be displayed. You can find results for individual questions by scrolling down the results page. If there is insufficient data to show results for the study programme selected, this will be shown as 'Too few answers'. The facts about the study programmes are always shown.

You can compare study programmes with the average figures for all study programmes in the same subject group (group of programmes in cases with many answers). This is done by ticking the box on the right. This function is available if the subject group is sufficiently big (has enough respondents) and the study programmes chosen by the user belong to the same subject group.

You can add and compare results for several study programmes via the search results page. You can select as many study programmes as you like, but you can only compare three programmes at a time. You can determine which of the selected study programmes to compare by clicking the arrow to the right of 'Compare'. When you compare several study programmes within the same subject group, they are also automatically compared with the average results for all study programmes in the subject group. If you compare study programmes from different subject groups, no average results will be displayed.

Refine the search

You can refine your search by using the left menu. Campus can be chosen only if institution has been selected first. Remember to Update search criteria!.